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Meet Earth and Olive

A forever love affair between Wellness and Design. integration of th holistic world through community and service.


What We Do

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We provide graphic design, marketing, and social media services for clients who embody wellness and attribute to holistic or sustainable living. Our clients work on ways to advocate for mental health. Other clients curate organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic, or natural holistic living alternatives! Wellness is about people and what serves them. Some of our clients help POC or Feminist movements through sustainability or organic reach.

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A safe space to talk freely and openly about tough topics and the fun ones too! If it’s about wellness through designing your environment, or struggles of mental health, supporting your cycle through foods or travels, the blog is the place to be.

Earth and Olive even hosts wellness events and workshops centered around designing a holistic life. The events range from virtual to location. Stay tuned for our free membership in January 2019.



In 2019 we are launching two projects. One for helping to guide others through their wellness journey. There are so many resources, but sometimes its hard to learn where to start and how to tailor wellness to you. As wellness advocates, this project will serve the need of how to find your center in the wellness world instead of getting lost in the hype.

We also have a project called IINA launching in the fall of 2019 for women and men of color.


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Get creative With Your “Healthy” Eating

If chicken, rice, and broccoli meal prep is your thing, I don’t regret to inform you this is not your space. I mean you’ve got that down pat! This space is for the dreamers who need their food to be an experience!

#HealthyFoodiesWhereYouAt ?


Heavily focused on making healthy dishes taste like comfort food! This space takes all forms of food and makes them into experiences for your taste buds, entrepreneur heart, and forever changing moods!

You aren’t boring, and your food shouldn’t be either.

We make dishes that help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying life without becoming boring.

Use the hashtag #EarthAndOlive if you try some! We’d love to feature you in our recipes.

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Space Is made to Inspire.








PMDD, Weight, All Forms of Wellness, + Workshops (Online & Offline)


The Care and Wellness Section is for all things wellness. Here Earth and Olive strives to talk about the tough stuff that includes wellness.

It’s not all food and training here. Sometimes wellness is addressing systematic opression, underlying illnesses, mental health.

In this space we talk about the hard stuff, the fun stuff, and everything in between. Even if it’s hard, it will be addressed here.

All the things. All the wellness.

It’s the space Earth and Olive wishes was available 6 years ago when starting a wellness journey. Keep your fat burning pills Susan and NO Jeffery we aren’t pumping iron until we explode because #HowBadDoYouWantIt | We get real and we get raw.

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I'm Monet Chantel, founder and creative on a mission to ensure wellness + design always show an appropriate amount of PDA. I focus on all forms of wellness, designing for those in the wellness industry in any capacity, and issues near and dear to the black POC community/entrepreneurs.  

I've heard the "business and pleasure don't mix" spiel, but, you'll find me in an opposing position. The Earth and Olive platform is the spice of wellness partnerships, branding projects, creative collaborations and personal life (mental health included) all in one. E + O is always personal as well as meaningful. Earth and Olive is my space, but more importantly, it’s your space too. While I share my story and wellness habits for the entrepreneurial lifestyle, I'll help you tell your own through design also.

As Modern Monet transitions into the, IAMM project: A Non-Profit Project for Creatives, you'll find the previous homegrown and wellness client work migrating to the Earth and Olive platform.

Read more about how E+O came to be here>>



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- E + O Projects

- Instagram Lives w/ Wellness Brands (or) Influencers

- Behind the Scenes + Upcoming Brand collabs

- Q&A on wellness, business, as well as community outreach innitatives

- Issues Near and Dear to Black POC Women Entrepreneurs