We Designed Something You Can Get Glowing To!

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Intro to Our New Insta Story Temps

Not the first one to do templates and we won’t be the last, but after some careful consideration, we made ours! E&O wanted these to be unique to our brand but more importantly, unique to our users. Many of the emails we receive or our collaborations center around wellness and how to make it more accessible/more interactive.

Because there are so many queries around wellness, health, etc. we have a project that is set to launch in July of 2019. We’ll be sending it to Ban.do, Anthropologie, and a few other vendors as well as launching it right here on our site. While we don’t know everything, we know a few good things that helped our Wellness journey begin and never stop. We are currently doing market research and contracting with sponsors to get this out to the public. In the meantime, there are so many other things we can do while this project bakes. One of them being these templates. We’ll release new ones periodically and special ones with motion just for subscribers. A lot of our wellness practices stem from introspection, what we’re consuming, daily living habits, and who we are surrounding ourselves with.

This Thanksgiving, Earth and Olive strive to take the time to be even more grateful for all of you who have grown with us and to all the new viewers who are ready for a wellness journey that covers as many angles as we can cover! Whether you are just starting or a long-timer who wants some self-accountability/tracking means, these templates are our small gift to you!

The Template Line-Up:


At the end of the month we’ll be releasing a template just for subscribers. Give us your details below if you want in!

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