Most Frequently

Asked Q’s


What exactly is wellness design?

It’s a question we hear a lot, and rightfully so! Earth and Olive is full of rule-breaking ideas that take you where you want to go, and this concept is no different. Forging a new path for Wellness Design allows us to focus our skillsets of graphic design, photography, and social media marketing all towards holistic companies and brands.

We create or help the expansion of brands in the wellness industry through

  • Innovative Marketing Solutions to maximize ROI and Growth 

  • Proposal Mock-ups for Exploring All Possible Solutions 

  • Inbound Marketing targeted towards Brand Voice and ROI in Reach Strategies 

  • Social Media Data Analysis 

  • Graphic Design for All Marketing Pieces:

    • Collateral: Print & Digital

    • Blog, Email, Packaging + Print Graphics

    • .Gif Development  

    • Branding Expansion

    • Social Media Feed Development/Plan 

    • Branding Development Photography | Logos | Brand Voice + Tone | Typography | Visual Treatments 

  • Paid/Organic Marketing Strategy: Email | Social | Visual | Gorilla Marketing | and Inbound + Direct to Consumer Marketing

  • Mapping out clear Creative Direction strategies + Identifying and monitoring KPI's 

Who are your services for?

We serve those who:

  • Advocate for mental health 

  • Generate organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic, or natural holistic living alternatives  

  • Serve the POC or Feminist movement through sustainability, social reform, or organic reach

  • Provide service/product to the growing wellness community in any capacity including Healthcare Practices, Sustainable Farms, to Organic Skincare

Can we use your photos?

All images are taken and owned by E+O. We love the use of our photos if we are credited. 


>> Web Use

Any source using our images without the following tag is in breech of our use policy. Apply the following text beneath our images when displayed on any website:

Image Source // Earth + Olive,

During certain collaborations credit may be issued in different manners if discussed with the E+O team beforehand.



>> Social Media Use

 Any source using our images without the following tags according to platform, is in breech of our use policy:

Instagram Geotag photo with @earthandolive

Pinterest If not a Direct Pin, Link to E+O Homepage 

Facebook Tag via caption our Facebook Page

Twitter Image @earthandolive

Other Social Media shares need written permission.



>> Commercial Print / Digital Promotional Use


Must gain our written permission.




 Are you open to collaborations?

Oh yeah! Check out a few of our common collaboration Services.

Looking to collab as a brand or artist? Use this form to contact us.

Are you hiring?

Currently, no. But, we will have openings in the following positions in December of 2019:

  • Business Acquisition Manager (Remote)

  • Shipping Production Team Members (Raleigh, NC)

  • Daily Operations Manager (Remote)

  • Accountant (Remote)

If you’d like to have your resume on file with Earth and Olive for any of these positions, email with the title you are interested in and salary requirements.

All positions include health care, competitive pay, and quarterly rewards.