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It’s been about three months of using the two products, but today I’m sharing Lizzy Ott and how her brand speaks to my soul and not just because of the impressive effectiveness.

Earth and Olive thrives on all aspects of wellness, so to connect with Vessel meant a lot. Not only does Lizzy curate wellness products for the outer body but she provides services for wellness within. I love seeing other brands that integrate more than just one aspect of wellness. New Age, we have arrived! I’m so thankful to connect with brands who have goals to address more and be more for others. So today I hope this post helps you to remember to focus on your goals, big and small. Manifest what you need through your energy and prayer and above all, find your silver lining in any situation. Lizzy happened to be mine two months ago when I thought I’d need to save for a while to be able to have a quality product while I reach goals!

The products she gifted me are linked below.

Learn more about how she’s integrating outer care with inner care!






One thing I want to stay far away from is becoming a product pusher. Inevitably I do use many products to cook and get excited about throughout my wellness journey. But today’s post is more about manifestation and Internal vs. External Care.

I work hard, and I work often. I’m continually learning how to work smarter not harder. Floods of learning about tweaking business models, ROI, great hires, minority business owner resources, balancing what I’m actually good at (Design and Marketing) vs. what I suck at (Business Development) until I’m full scale and able to hire again. In that process, there are business costs, living expenses, and being newly-wed money management to explore! I love learning how to do these things, and I have all that I need + more and the satisfaction of seeing growth without generational wealth or a business degree. I have many mentors and people around me to grow from. In the meantime, good energy and planning have helped me work with some fantastic brands outside of my client list while building financial.

I’m honored with all the brands that reach out and allow me to try their products or offer deals based on campaign management or content production. It’s incredible passive income and ways to work with brands I’ve grown to love or already had a love for. There have been some duds due to my taste buds or brand goal misses. They’ve made the money struggle with growth an absolute joy. How can I complain when I’ve been able to position my brand to attract the brands I wish I could afford already? It’s essentially a barter system that also pays, or as I like to call it an absolute blessing.

While I didn’t score a brand partnership or content curation deal or even get asked to do a blog post, I was graced with two products of choice from Vessel Surface Care! Oddly enough JUST before Lizzy reached out I had put it on my list to save for a holistic self-care face mask. Low and behold literally 2 days later Lizzy reached out about trying her product. I was overjoyed because, hello positive energy and manifestation.


Clay and Spice Mask

I stopped using a homemade apple cider vinegar mask mixed with bentonite clay because it was too harsh for me and bentonite clay by itself didn’t seem to provide the glow I was after/keep in needed oils. Lizzy’s clay spice mask mixes my old faithful bentonite clay with additions I never knew I needed.

Bentonite clay to detoxify

Turmeric powder for inflammation care

Spirulina powder all the vitamins and minerals

Clary sage essential oil as an astringent and to balance the skin

Cypress essential oil that stimulates lymph flow

Bath Soak Detox

Smells like a cup of relaxing and robust ginger fizz tea that’s warm. A warm hug if you will. I leave my tub feeling love. If you’ve ever had a real interaction with love, you know what I mean: the blood flow, the feels, the calm and peaceful sense of home. I’ve never felt that from a product. It’s an actual experience and one that I can’t make up, which is why I’m happy this isn’t a sponsored post. It’s something I want to share. If you haven’t felt love try this soak and don’t keep anyone around you that doesn't make you feel the way you will when you leave the tub. Also, disregard that last sentence if you are allergic to anything in the mix, ha!


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