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If you or someone you know are experiencing PMDD and/or excessive weight gain the struggle for treatment is so real. There are many doctors still arguing that it’s Bipolar Depression, or some healthcare providers who haven’t even heard of it. Which is tough because sometimes you get stuck with a misdiagnosis like myself. Mood stabilizers have been known to make PMDD symptoms worse over time, so it’s important to find a doctor who takes you seriously if you suspect you have it. Also, my doctor was able to find my Vitamin D deficiency, Insulin Resistance, and right on the cusp of under-active thyroid. If you aren’t near a doctor like mine that will spend 2 hours with you in your first session and blood test you/take you seriously I highly recommend looking for a holistic doctor.

If are wishing to explore some of the options that worked for me with your professional MD I’m sharing the regimen that has changed my life.

My Current Daily

Vitamin D Deficiency

  • 10,000 IU Vitamin D/Daily I’ve also added many vitamin D rich foods

Thyroid Function: Iodine on Throat Gland

Insulin Resistance

  • Berberine (1-3 times daily)

  • Thyroid Function: Iodine on Throat Gland (Applied 2/day)


  • Omega 3 Oil Dosage in accordance to body weight

  • Primrose Oil

  • Vitex Chaste Berry (Timed According to Stop and Start of Menses)


My Brands

Select picture is provided by my partners at    Ora Organics

Select picture is provided by my partners at Ora Organics

Ora Organics - Vegan Vitamin D

I’m currently on a 10,000 IU dose a day, but when I am no longer deficient I will be switching back to my favorite 2,000 IU vegan brand from my partners at Ora Organics.

If you end up using their supplement USE CODE earthandolive10 for 10% off


Solgar Vitamin D - My Current Vitamin D

I’m taking a 10,000 UI from Solgar! I switched bottles to match my cabinet, but their gold top and brown bottle is swoon worthy + one of the few brands to have that high of a UI in one pill. If you have a deficiency like myself, I’d highly recommend.

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 Processed with VSCO with a9 preset Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


Dr. Udo’s Omega Oil - (3/day) | Primrose Oil - (2/day) | Iodine - Use on my throat thyroid | Pure Encapsulations Metabolic Xtra - A Berberine mix, I take 1-3 a day depending on what I’m eating | Gaia Herbs Vitex Berry - Chaste Tree Berry on the 6th day of my menstrual cycle until the first day it begins again (2/day)


The treatments I’m sharing above are specifically designed to treat my specific case. Read my last blog on PMDD and Insulin Resistance to see which treatment is used for what. Before starting a regimen like mine, you’ll want to consult with your doctor. I’m sharing so that if the treatment your doctor and you have tried isn’t working for your case, you can ask about any or all of my regimen. My MD also has the credentials to prescribe modern medicine. She asked me I wanted to go back on Carabmazpen and Progesterone and a few other modern medicines! I only opted for natural care as my body seems to respond better to herbs and food.

If you and your doctor decide to go the route I’ve shared all of the medicines listed above (excluding the Pure Encapsulations) can be found on the Vitamin Shoppe. They already have very low prices, but I’m sharing my referral code to save $10 on any $35+ purchase because, let’s save money together!

My Results Thus Far

  • I’ve lost 33 pounds (and watched it consistently drop even on rest days or cheat days) with very relaxed non-strenuous workouts. I do some weight lifting, light cardio through HITT (just for heart health,) walking, yoga, and indoor workouts. I no longer have to train like a fitness instructor just to maintain a healthy weight or see results.

  • I’ve started intuitive eating because all of my intense cravings have diminished. I still have tastes for things here and there, but they few and far between and very balanced. For example this week I ate a bunch of broccoli and kale with a side of roasted sweet potatoes or cooked yams, had an amazing salad I made up in the fly with almonds in it, and a great batch of black mission figs! I had a few of my favorite protein shakes due to travel and not wanting to cook. My cheat meal consisted of a Vegetarian lasagna with bread! Oddly enough after a meal like that, my weigh would actually go up and not fully go away (like with meal fluctuation) unless I over worked out. After my cheat meal this week, I actually lost a pound, and it didn’t register when I stepped on the scale. I was in shock.

  • My anxiety is very stable. I get anxious, but it’s very normal and non-debilitating

  • Suicidal Ideation hasn’t happened since starting treatment

  • No more hormonal breakouts, so my old sincere routine has really changed and simplified. I’ll have to update my old extensive blog post on my skincare routine.

  • My cycle is regulated, and I know when it will start like clockwork (at least the last two months since treatment it’s been this way.)

  • I’m able to feel happiness, sadness, joy, fear, etc. and know it’s my own, not hormonal or overly intense or under expressive (apathy.)

  • my cycle, but I am giving this regimen more time to evolve with me completely. Plus my friends at Glow Jetter’s are sending over some sleep aids with their Well-Traveled Bundle Well-Traveled Bundle , so I’ve cleared adding these with my doctor!

See images of progress on my last post regarding my diagnosis!

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