Facial Toner

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Rose hip, Ginger, Lavender, Deionized Water

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This week my skin had a bit of extra stress and blotchiness. Thankfully with my new routine (we'll get to that in an upcoming post), I had zero breakouts. My goals were to calm redness and provide extra gentle cleanser from any left behind makeup. 


This Weeks Recipe:


2 crushed Rosehip seeds (From Rosehip Pod)

1 pinch of lavender

One Shaving of ginger

5 dried rose petals

1/4 cup of deionized water










I'm no dermatologist, but my problematic skin is always cared for deeply. Most don't even know I have pimple-prone oily skin! Low and behold that's my exact skin type. I've learned so many things over the years for my skin routine and come a long way from "toothpaste on a pimple" days.  Today's hot topic is  toner. 

I skip the alcohol-based toners and opt for options that my skin react to as cleansers, hydration, and calming.

My toners vary week to week. I don't make huge batches instead I usually make enough for 1 week, and I always use a glass spray bottle. Depending on the week, my ingredients vary from: chamomile flowers, lavender, freshly ground rose hips seeds, rosemary, tea tree essential oil, and dried rose petals. The base for my toner is always deionized water. I've seen others boil the mixture, strain it, and use the cooled mixture. This may actually be a better method to extract. I currently let my toner sit for a few days until I see the color change and drain the remaining particles out. However, I begin to use it instantly. I think of it as Intuitive Eating for the skin.

Monet Bush