2018 Wellness App Picks





I won’t go as far as to say these are the apps I can’t live without. That’s pushing it, as I live for the days I don’t have to touch my computer screen, phone, or social media. I’m forever grateful for our on-demand knowledge, but I work in the social media/design world, have a social brand, and still use it to connect with my people. Putting my phone/computer down can be the best forms of wellness sometimes. But, when I am on the grid, you can find these apps a forefinger away.


The Shift

No. 1 | The Shift

  • More core self-care habits are engraved in a personal self-care plan. When I’m in a funk though, Shift…shifts my perspective. If I’m low on energy (or whatever I’m low on in the moment), The Shift gets me out of my head to recenter. Shift uses 6 ways to help you in wellness bind through Movement, Sound, Eating, Action, Meditation and/or Integration.

Vision Quest

No. 2 | Vision Quest

  • I'm biased. As a designer, this app really does it for me. Designer or not, if you ever need a guide in your wellness journey through life’s stressors here is the download for you.


Thrive Market

No. 3 | Thrive Market


No. 4 | Buycott

  • Support movements with your dollar. We have power over everything on the market. Never underestimate the power of the Consumer. Don’t like somethings MSG’s, GMO’s, policies, put your money where your mouth is. I love this app because it also allows you to check out a products family tree. Is that homegrown product you love really homegrown…or recently purchased by Nestle *shudders*. Boycott is very similar to HowGood, the app I mention in the additional list!


My Flo

No. 5 | My Flo

  • If you are all about cycle syncing this app is what dreams are made of. Use it to not only track your cycle but to see what stage of your Cycle you are in. Remember people with V’s: You are always on your cycle, it isn’t just your Menstrual Stage. Learn about your Follicular Stage, Luteal Stage, and Ovulation Stage + tips on how to support yourself through each one! I find my productivity levels to be lower in my Luteal stage, so I save all Admin work for my Follicular Stage. Tracking my cycle through this app, (along with treatment for my PMDD) has made life feel fuller.


No. 6 | Pinto

  • Keto, Paleo, Vegan, High-Carb, Low Carb, Whatever the Heck You Want, this app is excellent for getting a visual on what you are consuming. What I really love about Pinto, is that once you tell it your goals, it will let you know how the food your are consuming matches up to them. I don’t use them often anymore due to being treated. My insulin resistance is getting knocked out of the park as well as my PMDD symptoms so now Intuitive Eating really works for me. But, one day if I ever want to see what I’m consuming this app would be the one I run to.


Here are some other really amazing apps if you just can’t get enough:

Me v PMDD | I don’t use this much due to the interface anymore, but this is a very powerful tool to use to bring to your doctor if you suspect you have PMDD. Check out my PMDD story here. Tracking was so important for getting the right diagnosis.

Food Fix Up | I downloaded this while visiting overseas. I don’t believe its available for download in the states, but if it is, please snag it! The FF app by Stef by Stef gives me the inspiration for a lot of creative dishes!


How Good | Much like Buycott, but has a more straightforward interface + more variety!

ASANA Rebel | Saves me when I’m traveling! If I’m not running or strength training with my bands, ASANA keeps things exciting + transports me to LA with the aesthetics.


Chill Tone | I just found this app but have needed it for months! I fall asleep in seconds. (I use: Niagara Falls Sings and add all three additional sounds at max.)

Did I miss a good one? Comment below and tell me the ones you love! I love expanding and trying new apps.

Monet Bush