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Part of my mental health care routine is reducing stress. My closet has always been a rotating wheel of clothing.  I'm ALWAYS selling my clothes in my Poshmark Closet. Classic commitment issues (my husband will tell you all about my "I hate marriage spiel" and here we are....because he's great,) so I'm trying out this service with Gwynnie Bee! New clothes, no commitment, set prices? Stress management comes in many forms. As of late, it's coming in hot in this package! 

I scroll through new items all throughout the month. You can take out anything you want and keep it for as long as you want when you return you get new items you've picked out. A DREAM.  You don't have to even wash you items before you return. They take care of everything and provide a bag to just drop back in the mail when you are done.

 I'm trying this new clothing movement out because it makes my closet goals SO attainable and fun! No limit on how many times your return in a month, just different monthly fee for the amount of items you have out at one time before getting a new haul! They are doing a free month for newbies, so I'd hop on that and tell me about your experience!  

Sidenote: I learned Warp + Weft jeans were made to give me that hot mom jean vibe, and I'm here for it! Follow me on Instagram and check out my Outfit Highlight to see all my fresh picks! Also, do me a favor...if you find something you love tag me in a post so I can put it in my closet next. Cheers to saving money!

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Try your first month free on me! 30 Days Unlimited Exchanges!

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