Cycle Boxes

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My Box This Month:

  • Pulp Vegan Nail Polish FlossGloss

  • Plum Beauty Oil Le Prunie

  • XO Flo Menstrual Cup Glad Rags

  • Foundation Sample Ilia Beauty

  • My Homemade Body Scrub!

  • Supports Hormonal Balance Host Defense: MYCO Botanicals

  • White Chocolate Sprinkles Ticings Gourmet Confetti Sprinkles

  • Smudging Sage Juniper Ridge

  • Clearing Serum Kypris

  • Francensense & Myrph Zum Inscence


How I Chose:

Supprts Hormonal Balance | Host Defense: MYCO Botanicals 

With my husband is returning from his deployment this month, extra stress was inevitable. Some of the tasks tacked on to my entrepreneurial life now included: driving up, prepping the room, meal prepping/freezing meals (due to lack of oven,)  packing for our month stay during his debrief, the WORKS causing an immediate need for an extra boost.  I am on my second bottle of Host Defense : Supports Hormonal Balance. At the six month mark, I'll be writing a full review.


White Chocolate Sprinkles | Ticings Gourmet Confetti Sprinkles

Baking and curating is always a fun time for me! I'm working on a collaboration with Foreign + Doughmestic as well as Momma's Sugar Shack. Product testing for delish treats with holistic values this month seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. Forever grateful to Ticings  for the samples and goodies. They dye their Sprinkles with things like Turmeric and Rose Petals! Consider me here for it.


Smudging Sage |  Juniper Ridge

While I'm not a Smudger for religious purposes (protecting my air, cleaning my space), I smudge because it's a lot like incense for me. It reminds me of my grandfather starting our fires in the morning when I was young. Buring sage is a straight comfort that makes a safe environment for me in which I can make my own rules. I'm zen, you're zen, we're all zen.


Clearing Serum| Kypris

I caught my stress flair ups and hormonal imbalance a little late. Before I could grab a bottle of Host Defense, my T-Zone decided to have a "Flare Up Party." I love to treat from within (Hormonal Support, Leafy Greens, Water, Stress Management) as well as outside to reduce scarring. This clearing serum from Kypris was the winning product after my hunt. 


Francensense & Myrph | Zum Inscence

Look extra is life. As I've turned my life into Yoga every day with meditation before and after, I've become hyper-aware of scents. When I pray and reflect, this scent does something for me. The comforting smell of pure frankincense and myrrh is so welcoming to me after last weeks mental break. I'm able to focus on my breathing and this scent instead of obsessing about when my next break will be in if I'm strong enough to get through it.

Pulp Vegan Nail Polish | FlossGloss

No fiction: it's vegan, it's cute, and I'm into the Spring vibes! Plus, this month's mani/pedi had to be "welcome hubby home" worthy.


Plum Beauty Oil |  Le Prunie

For the past two years I've doused my face in Herbivore Lapis Oil. My face decided that with my current hormones, it's not having it. Welcome to break out city. I went on the hunt to find my new bae. Scored a free sample (Usually $15) from Credo so that I could test drive before committing. The verdict so far: My. Skin. Is. Twerking.

XO Flo Menstrual Cup | GladRags

One word. Convenience. Traveling and packing I can reduce waste and never internalize the woes of "OMG, I need to change my pad. Do I have one?? Did I pack one?" Got it, check, done. A simple rinse/wash, reinsert, and it's smooth sailing.


Foundation Sample | Ilia Beauty

As I have tested and found my favorite holistic products, I've slowly turned into this anti-chemical advocate. Currently, I use a Tarte Clay Foundation Stick on days I am wearing makeup. However, the Tarte brand has left me with a lot of unanswered questions. The brand is "Vegan-Friendly," and Cruelty-free doesn't use parabens, etc. However, I'm unclear on the sourcing of their product. I don't see anything about organic ingredients, and also contains: Ethylhexyl Palmitate. After reading Ilia Beauty's values, I decided a sample was in order. I'm all for transparency and will be reaching out with some FAQ's to see if this will be the new leading lady in my foundation cabinet. 

My Homemade Body Scrub

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This month I'm addressing yet another thing that is snatching the wallets of many. Period box Subscriptions. So here's what I know...some of these companies give their product because it puts their product directly in front of their targeted audience. My next statements are going to be a direct knock on the system behind companies like this, not the curators and their hustle. Many of these companies receive a bunch of products each month, free of charge (Or others at least at a wholesale price, like most stores.) The idea being users find something, love it and become a lifelong customer. Those taking your subscription money profit. So yay! You're comforted and their banking. It's a win, win. 

My unpopular opinion starts here. These companies are marketing to women during the menstruation phase of their cycles. Most of these companies aren't even aware that there are four stages each month of a woman's cycle. Furthermore, that pain and cravings are the bodies way of communicating a problem. Cravings, depending on the type, show a lack of vitamins in which your body is deficient. Cramps and pain have many underlying issues, even things like PMDD. 

The chemicals found in things like Advil/Midol can cause health issues later down the line. Furthermore, there are things like Cramp Bark tea you can make you feel better until you can monitor your body into pain-free cycles. 

While we could take this time to learn more about our cycles, we've decided that as millennials...we don't have time. Meaning $10-$15/ subscriptions get the job done. I'm calling BS. It's time to fix the internal and treat our cravings with things that won't make them come back within the hours. 

With the methods I used above to curate my box, I took care of my specific needs for the month to comfort myself. No one knows your monthly specific needs as you do. So, let's make self-care SELF-centric again. We don't need yet another convenient option that takes the work out of getting to know ourselves.

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Why I Make My Own "Period Box"


We live in a world where hunting is the equivalent of stalking the grocery aisle for the latest craze. While I appreciate the thought behind making these for those too busy to curate this box, I aim to challenge this too busy notion. This progressive world eliminates the "need" to do things for ourselves, grow our food, walk instead of drive, so here is my unpopular opinion: We don't always have to be product pushers and feed into the hype. Make self-care great again. (I'm coining that and making shirts.)

What if your body decided it's "too busy" to move. Kind of like a car with no gas. While our bodies are kinder and compensate for us, if it was like that we'd take better care of ourselves. Also, for some people with autoimmune diseases, mental issues, + more, its eaxactly like that. We have to make time. While our bodies look out for us in the best ways, let's challenge making them work overtime because we "didn't have time."

No one knows your body and chances are in today's day in age, you may not either. It's essential to reflect so that your body can thrive. If you are a busy working professional, mother, Wonderwoman, I feel that. But, to ensure you put out your best in those endeavors, it's time to challenge companies that give us a shortcut. I'm tired of periods being taboo, companies that sell towards the menstral phase of your cycle before even speaking on the other three stages of your cycle blow my mind and not in the hot sex way. It's a new age and I like to keep my chats sugar-free. Make your own box.



My DNA is so unique and so is yours, we are specially coded. I've cultivated my tastes and aesthetic. There is no way random products could aid me in this fantastic fourth stage of my monthly Cycle.

How would someone know that Cramp Bark tea is my holistic go-to because the chemicals in things like Midol and Tylenol throw my body out of whack in the following weeks? How would a random company know that if I'm using pads this month, I want the wants infused with roses, lavender, and essential oils from the brand I love?

Who could understand that my sprinkles MUST be dye free because I'm opposed to eating dye? How could they know that I know a company that dyes them with turmeric, and rose petals, etc.? It's not cocaine, but it'll do. Jokes. 

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Seriously, who else knows when you need a line of organic plant-based dyed sprinkles, but you?

On top of this, each week is different. I want to make it a point to make my boxes and share how I chose it, in hopes that others can take the time to make theirs and see how it improves their quality of life. It is so encouraging to learn what your body is saying. The act of self-care is v important. So while I don't wish to knock someone's hustle to create this new market, I do want to challenge taking that time to do it for yourself away.



What if this month all you need is a self-addressed envelope to that Groupon massage you've wanted to put to use? What if you need to make yourself a card because you've been so hard on yourself andan Epsom salt soak bath? Other months you may need the works, but to know you took the time to curate something for yourself in this go all the time world is such a lovely slowdown ritual. 


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P.S if you crave cheese and pasta as I do, you need more Vitamin B! I've made this awesome Vegan Alfredo Sauce using Cauliflower: EXCELLENT source of Vitamin B6 and folate!

Need a way to check the items you want to put into your Period Box? Check out how I "fact" check the companies I use with this last post!

Monet Bush