Skincare: Let's Face It!

On this rainy day, I'm sharing some deep thoughts on skincare! I have oily-problematic skin. For years I struggled with breakouts, oil, clogged pores, and acne scars here and there. Sadly, during those times Instagram didn't exist, and I for sure wasn't into selfies. So no drastic before and after...but I do have a few current ones I'll share below.

The few notable flare-ups stem from hormonal breakouts and stress. Today I am sharing what I've learned what works for me + some UH-mazing skin resources/products.

Please note I'm no doctor and skin is SO different. I just want to share my routine with those who may benefit from my trial and error.

**Non of the following (or above) is intended for medical advice.

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Photo above is 1 month in to my now 6 month routine.

I'm using the exfoliater mentioned in step 6 of my current routine.

My Current

Skin Routine:

1. I Drink a gallon of water a day. This is the most significant and most important step. I know it's annoying because it's so simple and that couldn't possibly be a factor in skin woes. But, it totally is.  That and eating lots of leafy greens. You will have to pee every five seconds when beginning, but over the course of 2 weeks, your body will adjust, and you'll find that the bathroom will be needed less and less.

2. Gentle Cleanse with Acure. I recently switched cleansers. The INCREDIBLY CLEAR Cleansing Stick is the best cleanser I've used. It's so gentle ad so effective. Scroll down to My Biggest Skin Mistakes to find out why!

3.  Spritz with a light toner. My homemade recipe can be found here. Herbivore Botanicals also has some fantastic go-to's

3. Light Moisturizing Cream, my current rock star: Cactus and Kale Oil-Free Lotion from Pacifica

4. Serums + Essential Oils (or Spot Treatments:) I use spot treatments way less often. In fact, usually, when I see a bump (not even a pimple or painful spot brewing), it's because I needed to exfoliate twice that week instead of weekly OR because I didn't get my water intake in on the last 2-3 days.

5.Oil! I seal in all my hard work with my favorite oil of the moment: Le Prunier. Lapis Oil from Herbivore is also a great one for oily problematic skin. I used that for about a 1 1/2 year. One $72.00 bottle lasts me for about 7 months.

6. Weekend Maintenence 

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Finding the

Right Oils +


+ Spot Treatment for Emergencies 

My most significant moisturizers are mentioned above. However, they are worthless without my gallon of water a day. It is so important to stay hydrated. I use deionized water from Whole Foods and fill up a 5 and 2-gallon holder each week.  I carry a gallon around with me everywhere I go. It is so easy to forget that water is your best moisturizer.  Staying hydrated will allow you to pick the best products!

Top row: extreme breakout in adulthood vs. Light breakout


Bottom row: 1.5 months into current face routine usage

My Biggest Skin Mistakes:


  • Too much exfoliating. I was stripping my skin! I opted for an exfoliator without granules.

  • Very harsh cleansers and masks. I was using Dr. Bonners. I loved it because I could see it melting away my makeup. However, the tight skin feeling I had after actually is not the "clean" feeling I thought it was.

  • Drugstore Makeup. It has a lot of harsh chemicals and additives that personally were the bane of my existence in high school. I instead opt for vegan and toxic free organic makeup.

  • Not treating my skin from within. Products can only do so much if you are eating something that is causing a reaction. Your body talks. We are taught t slab a can of cream on what ails us instead of figuring out what our body is trying to say. Sometimes breakouts could be a food sensitivity, too much of something, or lack of something! Stay tuned to your body and work with it instead of hating what it's telling you.


My Favorite

Online Skin


Dr. Bryant Esquejo 

Facile Skincare : Instagram Page (So many well designed cute tips!)



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