A Home for Everything

By, Monet Bush

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Our last bathroom functional vibes. The dispensers are from SimpleHuman, and come in single, double, or triple.


My husband and I recently moved back to the Raleigh area. As we re-decorate I'm reminded of a straightforward rule that helps my jumbled brain + curates an aesthetic; everything has a home.  Nothing sits "unplaced." I know, I know, cue the OCD ballads. But, this is the one simple rule I've found useful for curating beautiful arrangments, homes, and even designs.

Everything has a reason and a why.  As I share this old vibe from our last bathroom, I'm also sharing my simple system to keeping it clutter-free and comfortable. 


1. Function 

Does it serve your needs?

Jobs = Complicated.

Running a Household = Complicated.

Adulting = Complicated.

Others living spaces = Not our problem.

Our Living Space = Our kinda Curated SIMPLICITY!

Keep it simple and catered to your specific needs with space. Set a goal and think about the things that cause your anxiety, extended time, or defeat your purpose. Is there something you dread doing daily? Find out why and find a solution that makes the "dreaded" become functional and thus more enjoyable.



Our Old Bathroom pictured above

Stressor: I hate poorly designed bottle labels. I only purchase them if the product is divine and the company just hasn't invested in a graphic designer yet. No shade, I get it, but as a graphic designer myself, having an unagreeable design around can be underwhelming. I like to push myself by having well-designed items around me at all times. I never want to look at something and think, "Eh, good enough." instead I opt for "Wow, how can I push past this innovative design solution. How forward thinking, what's next?" Think of it as my real life Pinterest board.

Combat: The pictured dispensers and other rebottling methods. I do the same with my spices. The disarray of labels sometimes makes me want to redesign them all, so I did! Clear glass jars from the container store with white caps, but that's another story for another day.

Other Stressors: Clutter, Limited Space, Water on the Floor, Common Solutions

Other Combats: Shower Shelf w/ Razor Holders, Double Lined Curtain, Unique Pieces like the Mounted Circle Shelf (Repurposed as a "fruit" bowl in our new home.)


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If I can't grab and go, I don't want it. This mounted rack is $2 and works wonders for giving things a home.



2. Accessibility  

To a certain extent, this folds neatly into the function rule but, things can have a function and still be inaccessible. Accessibility is so important. Skip the things that are merely cool without providing a level of ease.

If you hate moping, don't opt for the mop you have to hand ring and the bucket without the side pockets just because it matches your kitchen vibe, ya feel me?

Keep searching. You can have your cake and eat it too because it's your home. Stay patient and remember, what you buy should be "the one."

Read more about knowing when something the one here.

3. Tone

I'll go ahead and say I'm coining this (F)unction(A)ccessibility(T)one system. It keeps the clutter skinny and the vibes sweet. So let's talk about the T in the FAT System, Tone.

Is the tone you want eccentric, modern, vibrant, different for each room in accordance to its purpose? Do you like your reading room calm and muted to keep you focused (or) is it bright and colorful to take you places and stimulate your mind? The tone is all about knowing what you need your space to do for you. The tone isn't for others. It is how you want to communicate with yourself visually. Don't go minimalistic and modern because it's in right now only to find that it keeps you from feeling cheerful.


Monet Bush